Surrey Vaisakhi Parade 2017

Vaisakhi Parade or Nagar Kirtan in Surrey is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, April 22, 2017. The Parade begins at 9:00am at Gurdwara Sahib Dasmesh Darbar, located at 12885-85 Avenue, and concludes there at approximately 5:30pm. In 2016, approximately 350,000 people attended this parade. The entire procession takes approximately the whole day.

Vaisakhi Parade in Surrey, BC
Vaisakhi Parade in Surrey, BC

Surrey Vaisakhi Parade 2017 Map

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Surrey Vaisakhi Parade 2017 : More information on City of Surrey website

Vancouver Vaisakhi Parade 2017

Vaisakhi Parade also takes place in Vancouver. Vaisakhi 2017 parade in Vancouver is scheduled for Saturday April 15th from 11am – 4pm. The parade begins from Khalsa Diwan Society Vancouver (Ross Gurudwara Sahib) on Marine Drive and crosses through Main Street on to the Fraser Street. Held in Vancouver, come together with the entire community of South Vancouver and community members of all walks of life.

Significance of Vaisakhi

Vaisakhi also known as Baisakhi, Vaishakhi, or Vasakhi is a historical and religious festival in Sikhism. It is celebrated in April every year. Vaisakhi marks the Sikh new year and commemorates the formation of Khalsa panth. Khalsa means pure, genuine and Panth refers to the establishment of Sikh solder. Together it symbolises the origin of pure and devoted Sikhs to abide to the spiritual leadership presented through Guru Granth Sahib, which represents the religious scriptures of Sikhism.

At Vaisakhi, Sikhs worldwide remember this as the most important day in their religious calendar – the day the Khalsa was created. In the lower mainland, BC, the festival is celebrated with rigor followed by a Vaisakhi Parade. The Parade occurs in Surrey and Vancouver on two consecutive weeks in April. A large number of people attend this parade thus easily making it the Vancouver’s largest single day parade. People from far fetched areas of BC, Alberta and Seattle, USA gather to celebrate this event in Vancouver and Surrey.

It is a sight to be experienced. We invite you to join the celebrations with the entire south Asian community and become a part of it.

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