India Cultural Association (ICA) of Vancouver is a BC registered non-profit society. ICA Vancouver aims to create an Indian Cultural Centre in Lower Mainland. India Cultural Associaion (ICA) Vancouver promotes Indian culture and heritage among residents of Metro Vancouver.

ICA Vancouver represents East Indian community in Metro Vancouver area at large and organizes various socio-cultural activities/events throughout the year. ICA Vancouver aims to promote Indian culture in Lower Mailand. The vision of our Cultural Association is to promote harmony and mutual respect among residents of Metro Vancouver of South Asian origin and in this process establish a bridge with the larger Canadian society. We do this through the medium of arts & culture.

We organize events to celebrate various Indian festivals. Our events provides social and professional networking opportunity. We provide platform for people with Indian background to connect with each other and help newcomers to Canada to settle & learn Canadian values.

Join us for Diwali Celebrations

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